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Obolentseva Oleksandra, 16 y.o., «Berehynia of Zaporizhzhia», 50x50sm, acrylic on canvas.

Fine Art Studio "Vesely penzlyk"б Center for creativity of children and youth of the Oleksandriv district" of Zaporizhzhya city council",


Oleksandra Obolentseva, has been working in the studio for 9 years. This year, she is preparing for final exams in the studio.
"Zaporizhia is a Cossack region, a region of ancient traditions and ancient histories. With my painting, I want to show that we remember our roots, know our history. And I believe that Bereginya protects Zaporozhye from enemies"

«Berehynia of Zaporizhzhia»

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