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Antonishak Daria, 13 y.o., «Flowers of hope», 50x70sm, acrylic on canvas.


Charity "Kherson Unconquered"


Since childhood, I dreamed of drawing, but my parents decided to send me to sports. I swam for 4 years and taught myself how to draw at home after school. I watched various videos, at school I memorized information in the art class. And in December 2021, I persuaded my parents to send me to a drawing school and started practicing. But when the war came to my city, this opportunity was taken away from me again. When I left the occupation, I went to the Kherson hub and started doing my favorite thing again, I was offered to paint a picture, and I agreed.
When I drew flowers, I remembered my home in Kherson, because such flowers grew right next to my entrance. I was relieved to remember them and hope to see my home, my yard and these flowers again. Even when I was drawing tulips, the image of dad and mom came to my mind, because it is these flowers that he gives to mom every year in the spring. I liked the process and the very idea of my project, I liked to understand that this composition, which reminds me of home, will be seen by people from another country.

«Flowers of hope»

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