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Tsvielovska Kateryna, 11 y.o., «Dahlias», 40x60sm, acrylic on canvas.

Charity "Kherson Unconquered"


  Kateryna Tsvelovska from the city of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region. A foster child of the House of Children's Creativity, the child has been fond of drawing since he was a child, he started working at the House of Creativity from the age of 6. Before the war, Katyusha painted every day, but the war forced the child to look at creativity with completely different eyes. Katya was not able to continue creating, we were forced to leave all the materials we had in the occupied territory, since our city was under occupation from the first day of the war, and at this time. We moved to Zakarpattia Oblast. Kvasy and Katya were not able to draw, there were no materials to create. The organizers of the action "100 paintings by children of Unbreakable Ukraine" KIDS and ART for UKRAINE gave the child the opportunity to experience creativity again, inspired him to create works. We received materials (canvases, paints, brushes, an easel), all materials are of very high quality, for continuing art education. Katyusha enthusiastically participated in the creation of paintings. Katyusha put a piece of herself, her soul into each work, the works drawn by the child are not similar to each other, as each work has its own emotions, its own color scheme. We express our great gratitude to the organizers for supporting children's creativity.
The work is written in light and dark colors, this work was inspired by a poem that my grandmother told me.....
From my favorite childhood, from a mysterious country,
where the trees are huge - almost to the sky,
messengers of the sun peek into my heart - dahlias,
which, to the comfort of the eyes and the joy of the soul, blossomed profusely.
The author of the work really likes lilies of the valley, they have a pleasant fragrant aroma, and remind her of the beginning of spring and memories of her native home. Her delicate flowers look like small bells, it is with these flowers that the author personifies herself.
The picture enchants with the harmony of colors and beauty, the author of the work loves nature very much, and is immeasurably in love with flowers. Looking at this picture, it seems that the smell of flowers is in the air. So you want to lean over the bouquet and inhale the aroma of the flowers.


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