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Chaikovska Yelyzaveta, 13 y.o., «Everything will be fine!», 60x40sm, acrylic on canvas.

Art school named after O. O. Osmyorkin in the city of Kropyvnytskyi


I'm Lisa, I like to draw more than anything. I still like fun music, I want to learn to play the guitar and learn English. I adore cats, dogs and other furry animals. I dream of learning to swim. In these difficult times, many people have lost the variety of colors in their lives. I wanted to give it back to people for a moment. Immerse them in the bright, colorful world of a peaceful and happy life.
    For every Ukrainian family, a chicken is like a mother who takes care of her family. If there is a chicken and chickens, then life goes on, so we will live! And everything will be fine!

«Everything will be fine!»

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