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Davydenko Polina, 16 y.o., «In the forest. Fox family», 40x60sm, acrylic on canvas.

Fine Art Studio "Vesely penzlyk"б Center for creativity of children and youth of the Oleksandriv district" of Zaporizhzhya city council",


Polina, studies at the Zaporizhzhya gymnasium in the 10th grade. Ірe is fond of various types of creativity, but рук favorite is drawing. Ірe dreams of studying and becoming an illustrator in the future.
"There are many beautiful places in our native Ukraine: golden steppes, majestic mountains, raging seas and, of course, green forests. I decided to draw them this time. I used to often go to the Poltava region to visit my grandmother and walk in the woods there, picking mushrooms and watching wild animals. While painting this picture, I remembered the summer forest, where I have been every year and, I hope, I will be there again soon."

«In the forest. Fox family»

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