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Iryna Yarish, 19 y.o., «Spring in the mountains», 40x60sm, acrylic on canvas.

Technological College of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic


My name is Iryna, I am from Ukraine, from the charming city of Lviv, I am studying at the Technological College of the Lviv Polytechnic University, in the 4th year of the art department, majoring in environment design. My art teacher Smyk Zoryana offered me to take part in the exhibition, and I immediately agreed. Thinking about the exhibition, I wanted to paint the picture "Spring in the mountains". With this painting, I wanted to show the beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians and the tranquility of nature.
The Ukrainian Carpathians are a treasure of the Ukrainian people.
It is difficult to meet a person who would be indifferent to mountains and magically blooming flowers.
The mountains attract with their beauty, high and steep rocks, picturesque nature, clean air, which is impossible to be inspired by; impress with their power, insidiousness and unique landscapes.
The surrounding beauty of the Carpathians, the flora fascinates, fascinates and inspires me to be creative.
While writing this picture, I wanted the viewer, looking at the canvas, to be transported to that meadow.

«Spring in the mountains»

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