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Volovych Varvara, 11 y.o., «The dance of the storks», 50x50sm, acrylic on canvas.

Fine Art Studio "Vesely penzlyk"б Center for creativity of children and youth of the Oleksandriv district" of Zaporizhzhya city council",


Varvara Volovich has been working in the studio for almost 5 years. Vara has no questions about what she likes to draw more - everyone takes turns, because she likes to draw everyone. In the future, he wants to become an illustrator.
"In Ukraine, they believe that the stork is a sacred bird. When the storks return home, people immediately understand that everything will be fine with them, that there will be harmony in their home. This year, many storks returned to their nests and gave us confidence that soon the war will end and everything will be as before, because a stork will never choose a dangerous place. Therefore, we will have peace"


«The dance of the storks»

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