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Belyshchuk Victoria, 13 y.o., «The legend of the edelweiss flower», 40x60sm, acrylic on canvas.

Ivano-Frankivsk Children's Art School


I wanted to connect this picture with a Ukrainian song or legend. After reading the Hutsul legend about the edelweiss flower, I decided to stick with this option, because I liked the legend and found it interesting. It was about the young Hutsul Oleksa, who grazed sheep in the mountains and played the trembit, and about the girl Marichka, who, hearing the boy play, fell in love with him. However, their happiness did not last long and one morning the girl did not meet her beloved, because his enemies killed him in the night. Marichka, not knowing this, looked for him everywhere and cried bitterly. And each of her tears, touching the ground, turned into a magical edelweiss flower, a symbol of faithful and eternal love. But, unfortunately, this flower grows only very high in the mountains and is on the verge of extinction.

«The legend of the edelweiss flower»

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