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Yulia Roiik, 19 y.o., «Ukrainian bridge», 40x60sm, acrylic on canvas.

Technological College of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic


 Glory to Ukraine!
My name is Yuliya, I am from Ukraine, from the charming city of Lviv, I study at the Technological College of the Lviv Polytechnic University, in the 4th year of the Department of Arts, majoring in environment design.
I learned about the exhibition from Zoryana Smik, an art teacher, and she invited me to participate in the exhibition.
I love to draw and I couldn't help but join this exhibition.
Inspired by Claude Monet's painting "Water Lilies". I painted my picture "Ukrainian bridge". In my painting, I wanted to convey all the beauty of Ukrainian nature.
     By writing this picture, I wanted people to learn to notice this uniqueness of the world in order to enrich their soul, make it bright and indifferent to everything that surrounds us. An underwater world that fascinates and fascinates her, that inspires her and emphasizes the unique beauty of the world. The bridge is also a symbol in my painting. Which also symbolizes my strong, free and independent Ukraine, which stands despite all the pain. You know that there is a war in my country, and this symbol of indomitability helps to believe in a better destiny for the Ukrainian people. The war showed that you need to appreciate every moment in your life, that you need to appreciate every flower and every twig and every one of us.
The essence of this painting is to show the world that we need to appreciate what we have, those we have and love our wonderful world around us. So let's appreciate each other, take care of nature and enjoy every moment of our life. And you support my country, because the time will come and Ukraine will endure the pain and despite everything for its life, and the beauty of my Motherland will bloom.

«Ukrainian bridge»

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