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As of today we have already involved 410 young artists and provided support to 32 educational centres and art schools in excess of GBP 35,000 and also GBP 20,000 of medical help and equipment. Under the project we provided educational materials, and also essentials for displaced families, electric generators, power banks and LED lights to survive through the last extremely difficult winter.

Below you will see details of the provided support also all details are provided on the fundraising page and the websites of our partners:

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If we could ask you please to                to our project or acquire a painting from our charitable                 !
We would be also very grateful for cooperation to extend and scale up our charitable art exhibition!

We are extremely happy to share the latest news of the "Kids and Art for Ukraine" project.
Almost 20,000 thousand pounds (842,332 UAH) was sent to satisfy the medical direction of the project, and with this amount, critically necessary equipment for the diagnosis of rare neurological diseases in the Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital in the city of Boyarka - an electroneuromyograph, as well as rehabilitation equipment - a ceiling lift with lifting bracket, suspended rail and charging systems, and the Balance Trainer software and technical complex. All this equipment will benefit hundreds of children from the entire Kyiv region and beyond!
Regarding the educational direction, we are also happy to share the first results - the Art School named after Viktor Shkurynsky of the Zhytomyr City Council has already received graphic tablets and special gloves for them, and Vinnytsia Children's Art School has already been sent. These modern tools will allow Ukrainian talented children to improve their skills and master new work techniques - graphic design!


In March 2023, the British charity Digital Poverty Alliance actively joined the "KIDS and ART for UKRAINE" charity program.
Thanks to these British patrons, 24 laptops with a total value of 15,000.0 pounds arrived in Ukraine. Nine of them were given free of charge to art institutions from the occupied Kreminnaya Luhansk Oblast and Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast. Notebooks were also received by teachers and students of the People's Art Collective of the Fine Arts Studio "Fantaziya" from Dobropyll, Donetsk Oblast, the Studio "Vesely Penzlyk" from Zaporizhzhia, the Fine Arts Studio "Palitra" of the Center for Out-of-School Education in Tarasha, Kyiv Oblast, the students of the Art Center "Artgalaktika" » from Poltava and the Fine Arts Studio named after Naum Ostashynskyi from Kyiv.


In April 2023, the international charity program "KIDS and ART for UKRAINE" directed funds in the amount of 5,700.0 pounds to the "International Educational School" Charitable Fund for the purchase of humanitarian aid to art institutions of Ukraine to update the material and technical base and modernize the educational process of children's art education and youth of Ukraine and artistic materials for the continuation of art education during the war for the most active participants in the formation of the exposition of the charitable Exhibitions "My Unconquered Ukraine" in London.
In response to the administration's request, HUMANITARIAN AID was received from the charity program by the staff of the Volodymyr Children's Art School named after Mykola Rokytskyi, Volyn region. The material and technical base of the art institution during the war was supplemented by 25 E1 sketchbooks (45x25x10.5 cm) and 6 IKEA LERSTA lighting floor lamps with a total cost of 1500.00 pounds.


At the request of the administration of the Lutsk Children's Art School of the Volyn region to solve the problem of purchasing energy-saving lamps to improve lighting in 18 classrooms, each with an area of 50-70 square meters, the institution of primary art education received appropriate HUMANITARIAN AID. 72 linear LED lamps FLF-02 SQ 100W NW 1.21m with a total cost of 1,600.00 pounds were purchased and given free of charge with the funds of the "KIDS and ART for UKRAINE" charity program.


The renewal of the material base of the elementary art education institution with the assistance of the charity program "KIDS and ART for UKRAINE", initiated by a letter from the administration and the parent committee of the Kamianets-Podilskyi City Children's Art School of the Khmelnytskyi region, was supported by the organizers of the charity program. 25 ROSA Lyra #41 stationary easels, pine, 71x80x170 cm, total cost of £600.00, were purchased and provided free of charge to the institution. These new easels replaced the old ones that had been used in the art school for 40 years.


December 2022 was generous for humanitarian aid provided under the “CHILDREN AND ART FOR UKRAINE” Charity Program to support art education. 28 art and educational institutions, art schools, studios and clubs from all regions of Ukraine, including those from the temporarily occupied territories, received free of charge 114 professional art sets and painting kits (quality canvases, acrylic paints, bleach, brushes, spatulas, etc.) having the total cost of £2500.00. The recipients of aid include pupils of art schools from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine from Nova Kakhovka city in the Kherson Region and from Kreminna city town of the Luhansk Region, who currently have to live in different regions across Ukraine.

THE AMOUNT OF HUMANITARIAN AID PROVIDED in Ukraine during January-February 2023 under the “KIDS and ART for UKRAINE” Charity Program and aimed at continuing art education during the war has totaled to £13,264.00.

Due to the joint and coordinated activities of the organizers of the “KIDS and ART for UKRAINE” Charity Program, the beginning of the 2023 year has been marked by a number of fruitful events. INVINCIBILITY ART CENTRES started their work in the Centers of Children’s Creativity in Dobropylla city of Donetsk Region, in Shostka city of Sumy Region, in Tarasha town of Kyiv Region, in Lutsk city of Volyn Region, in Poltava city and in the Educational and Rehabilitation Center in Terebovlia town of Ternopil Region, which received free of charge 6 power generators, 10 power banks, 19 rechargeable lamps and 30 heaters at a total cost of £4164.00.


In February 2023, the staff of the Poltava Children’s Art School received HUMANITARIAN AID following the request made by the school administration and the parent committee. The art school received free of charge 15 rechargeable LED floodlights for classrooms and air raid shelters worth £550.00.


In February 2023, following the request from the school administration and the parent committee of the Lyceum No. 15 of the hero city of Chernigov made in connection with the humanitarian issues which the school art groups had to face because of the war, the talented children of the Lyceum received free of charge HUMANITARIAN AID which included: 100 sets of training clothes and shoes for the participants of the Exemplary Choreographic Sports Dance Group “ELIT”, autonomous acoustic equipment, radio systems, mixing console with effects processor and 2 rechargeable LED spotlights for the hall and 5 snow-white benches for the dressing room worth £5000.00.


Vocal Studio “CARAMEL” of the Gymnasium No. 31 in Cherkasy city, Studio Head – Svitlana Semiletkina, received 20 rechargeable lamps and 1 power bank under the “KIDS and ART for UKRAINE” Charity Program.


Folk Dance School “SVITANOK” in Kropyvnytskyi city of Kirovohrad Region, school head – Maksym Pechenenko, received 18 rechargeable lamps and 2 power banks under the “KIDS and ART for UKRAINE” Charity Program.


Folk Dance Ensemble “FRIENDSHIP” of the Palace of Children and Youth in Rivne city, Ensemble head – Nataliya Dzyubenko, choreographers – Nataliya Viyuk and Andriy Maiboroda, received 3 rechargeable lamps and 2 power banks under the “KIDS and ART for UKRAINE” Charity Program.

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