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Neonila Yerofeienko, 14 y.o., «A Happy Child is a Blooming Ukraine», 40x60sm, acrylic on canvas.

"Palace of Student Youth of the Lutsk City Council"


I am Yerofeenko Neonila, a student of the exemplary group of fine arts at PUMI in the city of Lutsk, I love art and everything related to it. I started doing this work when I saw a little girl picking flowers while walking in the field. Flowers usually bring joy. By painting this picture, I wanted to show that despite the current situation in our country, there is something to admire. It is the children who lift the mood in this difficult time. Now Ukrainians all have the same dream, to end the war as soon as possible. I hope that my painting will leave a small mark on those who see it.

«A Happy Child is a Blossoming Ukraine»

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