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Evgenia Gogots, 14 y.o., «Beauty», 50x70sm, acrylic on canvas.

Ivano-Frankivsk Children's Art School


When I was told about the topic of the work, the image of a girl immediately appeared in my head. I still didn't fully understand how and where to place her in my work, but I knew that a real Ukrainian girl must be depicted.
In the picture, we are watching a young Ukrainian woman combing her long, silky hair. Since ancient times, Ukrainian women have been called the most beautiful.
Combing hair symbolizes the morning ritual for beauty and beauty
On the 2nd plan, two storks are depicted, which are a symbol of well-being, happiness, loyalty, and of course, I put in them the harbingers of our Victory!
Overall, I think this is a pretty interesting composition. A rural Ukrainian Christian house, which contains many folk and national elements. An embroidered shirt in which the girl is wearing, a cross hanging on the window, various ornaments and embroidery.
With this work, I wanted to show the beauty, charm and uniqueness of our culture!


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