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ZhyhaltsovaYevheniia, 14 y.o., «Berdyansk», 50x50sm, acrylic on canvas.

Fine Art Studio "Vesely penzlyk"б Center for creativity of children and youth of the Oleksandriv district" of Zaporizhzhya city council",


Evgenia from arts likes graphics and sculpture the most. In graphics, Zhenya is attracted by the clarity of lines, two-dimensionality. In sculpture, everything is the opposite - she likes to create something that can be touched with hands, seen from different angles.
"Berdyansk has been occupied since the beginning of the war. Previously, my family and I always went to this city to rest in the summer. I haven't been to Berdyansk for a long time, so I decided to draw it. I want to go to Berdyansk again and walk the streets of the city. When I painted the picture, I thought about the city even before the war, the beautiful sea, many people who came to rest and the high sun, which shines and leads to the sea for fun.


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