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Zhukova Daria, 17 y.o., «Unbreakable Phoenix», 70x50sm, acrylic on canvas.

Charity "Kherson Unconquered"


My name is Darya, I was born in Kherson. She started drawing since childhood. My parents immediately noticed a creative spark in me, so I spent all my free time at an art school. Drawing makes my every day special, I always draw something. I am especially interested in painting portraits. Creativity gives me strength, inspiration and brings me true happiness. I painted this picture with thoughts about my hometown, which was under occupation. I see in this indomitable Phoenix people who were able to survive the oppression of the Russian occupiers. A city that, like this bird, spreads its wings. While drawing, I remembered my native streets, through which I walked, I thought about my relatives who remained in Kherson. In the flowers, I see the beginning of something new for liberated Kherson. That's what inspired me.

«Unbreakable Phoenix»

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