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Kids and Art for Ukraine

Our project is about how Art and Love can unite people to support Ukrainian Children, to protect our Future!

And how children themselves using their wonderful art talents can help each other!

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Karina Mishchuk, 15 y.o., «My Native Land`s Smell», 40x60sm, acrylic on canvas.

"Palace of Student Youth of the Lutsk City Council"


While painting the picture "The smell of my native land", I thought about my wonderful and native village. As we herded geese behind the village in the valley, the games were different for the village children: they chased the quacks, the zhmurkis - hobbies, and the girls wove colorful wreaths. Sunny childhood - a cascade of memories,
Grandmother's house and cherry orchard.
There will always be a place in my heart for my village

Tayisiia Padko, 14 y.o., «Childhood got Lost in Poppies», 40x60sm, acrylic on canvas.

"Palace of Student Youth of the Lutsk City Council"


My name is Taya, I decided to depict a girl in a poppy field in the painting "Childhood Lost in the Poppies", because it symbolizes those childhood times when children just ran around the field and played. The poppy first of all depicts beauty, will, and in the Ukrainian epic it is mentioned with the Cossacks. This flower seems to fully show Ukrainians, their strength and beauty. And during today's events, I want this picture to remind me of the easy times of childhood and give positive emotions.

“Anna Postoi’s amazing painting immediately caught my eye when I saw it amongst the beautiful art by Ukrainian children on show in our HQ. Anna is only 14 by the way and comes from Kamianets-Podilskyi. It now has pride of place in my office overlooking the Thames."
The painting is called: '#Ukraine - a nation of life which unites the world'.

Odile Renaud-Basso, The President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Painting for the King!).jfif

His Majesty the King Charles III visited our exhibition and expressed his admiration for the children’s paintings and as an artist himself highly praised their talents also joined this noble cause. 
In particular he liked "The Ukrainian Landscape" by the young 16y.o. artist Sofya Franchuk and was presented with it on behalf of our project to remind of the talented children of Ukraine, who today unite caring people of the world with their art and support Ukraine with their work on the artistic front.
Sofia and her peers wrote their exhibition works with the hope that their paintings will live next to the good people of friendly countries who support Ukraine on the way to Victory!

Royal Family Channel -

Meet “Freedom” by Darya Krylova, a talented young Ukrainian artist from the Odesa region.
She’s one of the artists in the “KidsandArtforUkraine” initiative launched by my colleagues to raise funds for Ukraine.
“Freedom” depicts the Ukrainian motherland monument, that stands watch ove
r the Dnipro in Kyiv, aptly surrounded by doves.
I recall my climb inside the monument to reach the tiny platform behind the lady’s shield, a few years ago. It felt a very special way to touch the sky.
Thank you, Darya,
Francis Malige, Managing Director, Financial Institutions at EBRD

"Pink Floyd", Rock band

"Thank you for all the good work that you are doing"

Slava Vakarchuk,  musician, public activist and a front-men of of "Okean Elzy" rock band

"Dear children! You are doing a great job and your paintings are not only very beautiful, but they help others and this is your step to our Victory"

Alla Kimerina, Head of studio of fine arts "Fantaziya", Dobropillia, Donetsk region

"Thank you very much for the project! Сreativity brings harmony and light, can switch children's thoughts from the current stress to the world of something beautiful, magical, and opens the corners of a child's soul in which sources of good feelings lie dormant.

Anup Nair, EBRD's colleague

"Thanks you very much and am unable to take away my eyes off these beautiful paintings. I have one of this at home and the environment has become very positive since i have put it on the wall. Please do share with kids and convey to them that they are superheroes and all our best wishes to these lovely artists and a Big thanks for these lovely paintings"

We would be very grateful for cooperation and are looking for partners to extend and scale up our charitable art exhibition and invite all art organizations and artists to partner up and help Ukraine together!

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